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Welcome to Kurt Whitlock Associates

Empower Your Business with Cutting-Edge Electronic Automation Solutions


Kurt Whitlock Associates Markets, Distributes, and Demonstrates these selected industry leading technologies and process solutions. KWA’s full service facility is one of the few in the US Electronics Industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Kurt Whitlock Associates is dedicated to providing top-notch electronic automation solutions that elevate your business operations. Our team is committed to delivering innovative and reliable technologies tailored to meet your specific needs and drive your business to new heights.

Advanced Automation Technologies

At Kurt Whitlock Associates, we specialize in offering state-of-the-art electronic automation technologies designed to optimize your processes and enhance overall efficiency. Our solutions are seamlessly integrated to ensure a smooth transition and maximum impact on your operations.

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Customized Automation Strategies

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customized automation strategies that align with your objectives. Our experts work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that address your challenges and propel your business towards success.

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Expert Consultation and Support

Partnering with Kurt Whitlock Associates means gaining access to expert consultation and unparalleled support throughout the implementation process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you harness the full potential of our electronic automation solutions.

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We also stock a variety of consumable products with same day shipping to fit your everyday production needs. We stock Alpha Solder Paste, Alpha Solder Wire, Alpha Bar, Kester Solder Paste, Kester Bar and several other products.

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In the world's global electronics manufacturing market, few equipment and materials companies have excelled to industry gold standards. These industry leading companies are known for 3 main dominant traits:

  • Superior innovative electronic assembly technology.

  • Unending commitment to research and development.

  • A firm allegiance to providing worldwide technical service and support.


A manufacturing facility that uses surface mount technology (SMT) to assemble and test printed circuit boards (PCBs) is called an SMT line or SMT production line. SMT is an automatic process that involves mounting electronic components directly onto the surface of a PCB.



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Solder Paste


Auto. Optical

Reflow / Selective / Wave Soldering


Experience and Expertise


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We're continually searching and adding events.

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Upcoming Events List:

Join us In Melbourne on November 14, 2024 for the Space Coast Expo.

Space Coast SMTA

Join us In Anaheim for the APEX Expo.

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