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June 25, 2024


May 1, 2024

Zestron Chemistry

Thrilled to announce our latest partnership!
ZESTRON is excited to welcome Whitlock Associates to our Florida sales rep team. With their expertise and our innovative solutions, we're poised to make waves in FL.

April 16, 2024


SMTXTRA Partners with Kurt Whitlock Associates to Expand Presence in Florida.

“We are excited about our partnership with Kurt Whitlock Associates and the appointment of Mike Holleran to represent us in Florida,” said Paul Pittman, Vice President of Sales at SMTXTRA USA. “This collaboration enhances our ability to provide top-notch solutions and support to the electronics manufacturing industry in the region.”

Kurt Whitlock Associates specializes in understanding the diverse assembly requirements of its customers, representing a range of companies that provide solutions for high volume, high mix, and mid to low volume requirements, all backed by exceptional service and technical support.

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