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About Us

Since 1978, Kurt Whitlock Associates has searched the world for cutting edge companies to Represent and Distribute to our valued electronics assembly customers and potential markets.

Our leadership team at Kurt Whitlock Associates brings decades of collective experience in electronic automation. Their visionary guidance and in-depth industry knowledge drive our success and set us apart from the competition. Each member is dedicated to shaping the future of electronic automation and ensuring that Kurt Whitlock Associates remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Be assured that Kurt Whitlock Associates understands the tiers of assembly requirements of our customers. Our array of companies provide unmatched solutions to meet high volume, high mix, and mid to low volume requirements with the same level of service and technical support!

Our facility is, and will continue to be, our long term commitment to you our valued electronic assembly partners! KWA brings machine technology and materials for hands on demonstrations in real time, with factory experts running customer’s production challenges and providing repeatable process solutions.

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Our Team

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